Make Life Easier with M-Squared Networks and Office 365

With the need for greater mobility, agility and better data management increasingly driving the dynamic workplace, SMBs today are learning to appreciate the benefits cloud computing can bring to their businesses. Yet, some SMBs still struggle to understand exactly what cloud computing can do for them. Enter Microsoft Office 365, an all-inclusive productivity solution that [...]

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Does your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

It is almost a certainty that your business will experience a “disaster” in its lifetime. How you recover from it will not only set you apart from your competitors, but it may even save your business! When you think of typical disasters, hurricanes, floods, tornados, and earthquakes come to mind. I am sure you would [...]

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How to Keep Your Small Business Secure

Much like bigger businesses, small businesses too face security risks and challenges. However, the resources set aside for many small businesses are not as big. The good news is, it doesn’t take a big budget to keep your business protected. Here are 4 basic ways to help secure your small business: Anti-Virus Software While it [...]

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5 Benefits of Managed IT Services

As the business world continues to evolve, small and medium sized businesses with fewer financial resources need to find more cost-effective solutions to manage their technology. The best solution…managed IT services. Choosing managed IT services effectively outsources your IT department to a service provider with expertise in all of your technology needs. While many larger [...]

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