KeRanger, The First Mac OS X ransomware

On a regular basis, you continue to hear about how ransomware has hit a variety of different businesses and their computers/ Windows computers that is!  Well, Mac users, you are not left out of the party anymore.  Last week a new malware known as KeRanger has been reported by Claud Xiao from Palo Alto Networks [...]

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Are Weak Passwords Putting Your Small Business at Risk?

Many articles have been written about weak passwords, yet still many casual internet users and more shockingly, many business users still do not use strong passwords to protect their information. A recent global security study done by Trustwave details the current threats to user data and identifies the vulnerabilities that persist within organizations. The study [...]

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5 Benefits of Managed IT Services

As the business world continues to evolve, small and medium sized businesses with fewer financial resources need to find more cost-effective solutions to manage their technology. The best solution…managed IT services. Choosing managed IT services effectively outsources your IT department to a service provider with expertise in all of your technology needs. While many larger [...]

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