I remember back in the 1983 movie Wargames, watching the WOPR run a nuclear war simulation and seeing the “missiles” flying all over the map hitting every county in the world.  Turn the page to today, I am watching a live threat map from Norse, a cyber intelligence company based in Foster City, CA,  and while they are not nuclear warheads, the “missiles” fired all over the world today can’t help but bring me back to 1983.

Norse uses their global sensor network to track cyber threats all over the world.  This is a great demonstration of how persistent and large of scale the attacks are.  While I thought I knew, I didn’t get a true feeling of the scope of it until I watched the map for just 15 min.  To no surprise the US is by far the most attacked country in the world and China is responsible for launches the most attacks.  Education, government, energy and manufacturing are some of the highest targeted industries.

Other sites with real time maps include:




Large corporations are not the only ones at risk.  Companies big and small are in danger of a data breach.  Are you taking the right steps to protect your data from breaches?

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