M-Squared Networks knows that a disaster can strike at anytime. Most companies that don’t have a backup plan in place never open for business again.

Whether it’s a fire, earthquake, accidental file deletion, or virus infection, it’s vital to prepare for unavoidable disasters, in order to keep your business operational.

Mother nature can do some real damage, but web-borne threats are more likely to really affect your business.  Cyber predators are advancing their methods at alarming rates. If your network is infiltrated you need to be able to respond quickly by restoring your systems with backups created before the breach occurred.  You simply don’t have time to lose access to valuable data, applications, or systems that run your business.

M-Squared Networks will:

  • Create image-based backups of your critical systems so you’re able to get back to work immediately.
  • Store backups in the cloud and onsite so you have access to backups onsite and in the cloud in the event of disaster damaging onsite equipment.
  • Monitor and test all backups on a regular basis so you’re always confident knowing you’re able to recover.

Keep your business going no matter what with backup and business continuity you can truly depend on.

Contact us today at 714.983.7646 or info@msquarednetworks.com to minimize the threat of severe service interruptions.