Much like bigger businesses, small businesses too face security risks and challenges. However, the resources set aside for many small businesses are not as big. The good news is, it doesn’t take a big budget to keep your business protected.

Here are 4 basic ways to help secure your small business:

Anti-Virus Software

While it may seem obvious, many small businesses do not take this simple step to assist in protecting their computers from many viruses, trojans and worms. These malicious software programs can impact your computers and network in a variety of ways. They can simply slow down your computers or if you are truly unlucky, corrupt your critical data. Investing in a good, full-featured anti-virus program AND making sure it’s definitions are up to date is well worth it. Anti-virus protection on all workstations and servers on your network are usually included as part of a managed service agreement.

Wireless Network Security

I can break this down into 3 different steps:

1. Make sure your wireless network is encrypted, and use WPA2 security – WEP security is simply inadequate.
2. Change your devices default settings – when you receive your router it comes with a set of default settings: usernames, passwords, SSID. Change these. You can implement step 1, but if you keep the default password for example, you are leaving the door wide open.
3. Install a firewall – a firewall will allow access to only the traffic you choose to allow and block unauthorized traffic.

Implement an Internet Use Policy

Implementing a use policy will increase overall productivity of your employees, and provide another line of defense against accessing malicious websites that can cause catastrophic damage to you network.

Backup Your Data

Having any sort of backup is better than not having any at all. If the information on the disk is critical to your business or just important to you, make sure you back it up. Take the next step and get a customized solution to address both the software and hardware needs of a backup and recovery plan.

Trying to save money on your small business security will undoubtedly cost more in the long run. Every business, no matter what their size should take the necessary steps to protect their business and its data.