KeRanger, The First Mac OS X ransomware

On a regular basis, you continue to hear about how ransomware has hit a variety of different businesses and their computers/ Windows computers that is!  Well, Mac users, you are not left out of the party anymore.  Last week a new malware known as KeRanger has been reported by Claud Xiao from Palo Alto Networks [...]

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Everyday Is World Backup Day

As we begin this month of March, it is important to note that March 31st is in fact World Backup Day. While business data security should be a top priority every day, World Backup Day comes around once a year to remind us that our data isn’t safe if it is not protected. With so many possible disasters, [...]

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Does your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

It is almost a certainty that your business will experience a “disaster” in its lifetime. How you recover from it will not only set you apart from your competitors, but it may even save your business! When you think of typical disasters, hurricanes, floods, tornados, and earthquakes come to mind. I am sure you would [...]

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